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​​Jonathan "Jo-Nathan" Simpkins was an Electrical Engineering student at South Carolina State University when his life was tragically taken on September 18, 1998.  "Jo-Nathan" lived a life committed to excellence and to honor his legacy, our family created the Jo-Nathan Foundation to provide access to life-changing and positive  experiences and programs for other youth.  

Our Mission

The mission of the Jo-Nathan Foundation is to invest in the lives of young people. Our efforts focus on aiding young people in reaching their highest potential by hosting camps/events, providing opportunities to attend summer camps, and other educational activities via tuition or fee sponsorship.

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The Jo-Nathan Foundation

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The Jo-Nathan Foundation I P.O. Box 85711 I Lexington I SC I  29073    Email- info@thejo-nathanfoundation.org

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Jonathan "Jo-Nathan" Simpkins

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Our Commitment

The Jo-Nathan Foundation is devoted to youth!  We partner with existing organizations that share the common goal to helping our youth succeed!